Presentation of the VITCLIC project...

From 25 to 29 June 2018, a workshop on "Symposium on Advances on Meteorological Application in Agriculture" was held in Novi Sad, which marked the completion of the project "H2020 TWINNING - SERBIA FOR EXCELL".

The workshop was divided into three parts: Education, Research and Collaboration. Within the Research section, the results of this project, as well as similar projects in Europe, are presented. The research has dealt with various problems related to agrometeorology, the use of digital crop images and the time forecast of different scales in analysis and disease prevention, interpolation of inaccessible meteorological data, CO2 impact on plants ... There are also private companies dealing with agrometeorological research as well as projects that are still underway, with representatives of this workshop taking part.

And our project was presented with a poster, so participants from different countries could get information about the VITCLIC project as well as the first results obtained during the project.


Author: Antun Marki
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