Project leader Sandra Hudina visits University of St. Thomas
Sandra Hudina visited project co-leader Dalma Martinović Weigelt at University of St. Thomas from 26th of February to 1st of April 2018. During the visit Sandra learned to use tools to query publically available bioeffects databases in order to prioritize sites and chemicals of concern. She applied this knowledge to organic contaminants data provided for 13 sites in the Sava River by Hrvatske vode. Also, she performed in-vitro essays to evaluate estrogenic, androgenic and aminergic activity of the collected water samples from the Sava River. In-vitro assays were performed with involvement of Lily Ward – University of St. Thomas student. This work resulted in poster presentation and the SETAC Rome conference: http://meetings.setac.org/frontend.php/presentation/listForPublic

Foto: labwork_university st thomas

From US EPA Mid-Continent Ecology Division news: Croatian Researcher visits MED
March 6-7, 2018 Dr. Sandra Hudina, University of Zagreb, Croatia visited the US EPA Mid-Continent Ecology Division. Dr. Hudina came to learn more about how databases like ECOTOX and CSS tools like SeqAPASS, the Exposure:Activity Ratio (EAR) calculator; the adverse outcome pathway framework, and ecological modeling approaches could be applied to her research focused on the influence of contaminants of emerging concern on invasion success of the North American signal crayfish - the key aquatic invaders in Croatia. This research is a part of a collaborative project with Dr. Dalma Martinović-Weigelt of the University of St. Thomas, who accompanied Dr. Hudina and organized this visit. The research is financed via Unity through Knowledge Fund, which aims to connect the scientific and professional potential of Croatian Diaspora with the Croatia. Dr. Hudina met with Drs. John Doering, Brett Blackwell, Dan Villeneuve, Matt Etterson, Jennifer Olker, and with Coleen Elonen; she also visited MED exposure laboratory. 

Foto: epa visit

Lectures for students and general public 
From February to May 2018 Sandra Hudina held several lectures for both general public and students about the project:
March 22nd at the University of St Thomas to students enrolled in Environmental Science Program 
April 13th at the University of Zagreb – 2 lectures for general public in the frame of Biology Night event (open door to Biological Department and the whole Faculty of Science)
April 19th to students in BIUS – Biology student association

Foto: lectures public students