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A master thesis project is available at The University of Oslo in Sekulic lab at NCMM (Norwegian Center for Molecular Medicine). The aim of the project is to understand chromatin organization at the centromeres at molecular level. 
Centromere is a part of the chromosome that serves as foundation for formation of kinetochore, protein structure that attaches duplicated chromosomes to opposite poles of the dividing cell. Student will gain hands-on experience in purification of DNA, histones and other
centromeric proteins using state-of-the-art technologies. He/she will assemble nucleosomes and nucleosome arrays in vitro for further biophysical analysis. It is essential to understand how is DNA packed in our cells and how is chromatin conformation used as basis for specifying the centromere. Without functional centromere, chromosomes are lost or broken – hallmark of cancers. The project is
expected to last for 6 – 12 months. If you are interested please contact Nikolina Sekulic.



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