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Workshop - Modern plant and animal...

The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh and MendTheGap project Organise workshop/course on:
Modern plant and animal applied genomics driven by genotype and sequence data 17th-19th July 2018 University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Animal Science.
The objective of this short workshop/course is to equip the participants with new techniques (e.g., simulation, sequence, genotype, phasing, imputation, phenomics, gene editing) and tools that are used in modern applied animal and plant genomics. The course targets
graduate students and researchers interested in applied genomics and will consist of lectures interspersed with computer practicals.
For a maximum of 40 students/researchers the workshop/course is free of charge.
Please, send your intent of interest to dnovosel@agr.hr.
Each participant is expected to bring a laptop with R installed.


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