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Članovi Bakteriološkog laboratorija u suradnji sa kolegama objavili su rad pod naslovom: "Removal of emerging pathogenic bacteria using metal-exchanged natural zeolite bead filter" u uglednom časopisu Water Science and Technology.
Rad je nagrađen kao „Editor's choice“ besplatnom „Open Access“ opcijom. 
Urednikovo pojašnjenje navodimo u cijelosti:
„We have read hundred of papers lately on a spread of multi-drug resistant bacteria, but not many actually deal with combating it, particularly with a relatively environmentally friendly approach, avoiding excessive chemical input to the environment and potential creating of harmful by-products. By applying metal-exchanged natural zeolite bead filter for the removal of pathogens, Ivankovic et. al have tried and managed exactly that. The authors came to interesting and promising findings, but also critically discussed a number of experimental pitfalls, up-scaling problems and unexpected results, opening the floor for professional discussions and follow-up studies. Stay tuned, I certainly will.”

Rad je dostupan na poveznici: https://bre.is/oyZVnuuZ


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