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Flavescence dorée is an emerging quarantine disease caused by the phytoplasma Candidatus Phytoplasma vitis. The disease threatens all wine-growing areas in Switzerland and in several other European regions. Conventional control strategies based on uprooting and insecticide treatments are not enough to stem the spreading of the disease, which affects new vineyards each year. Agroscope seeks to identify the mechanisms that promote the development of the disease in order to implement innovative and environment-friendly control strategies.

This interdisciplinary work brings together teams of molecular genetics, entomologists and institutional players from the field in close contact with the professional branches. It includes field observations, experimental genetic and bioinformatic analyzes as well as experiments in greenhouse and quarantine laboratory.


  • Genomics and phylogeny of Candidatus Phytoplasma vitis.
  • Search for early markers of infection (transcriptomic, metabolomic and histological analyzes).
  • Establishment of an experimental disease transmission system.
  • Investigation of Candidatus Phytoplasma vitis movement through the plant vascular system.
  • Identification of alternative hosts and vectors.


The deadline for applying is June 30

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