We are pleased to announce and cordially invite you to join the EMBO Conference on Meiosis 2017 EMBO Conference on Meiosis 2017 whichwill take place in Hvar, Croatia between 27th Augu 27th August and 1st September 2017 27th August and 1st September 2017. With this lette st and 1st September 2017 r we would like to invite you to start planning your participation at the conference as an industrial exhibitor or sponsor of one of many different events that will occur during the conference.

Meiosis and sexual reproduction date back to the origin of eukaryotic cells. Evolutionarily derived from a mitotic division, meiosis has undergone a remarkable series of specializations. Starting out with a diploid chromosome content, meiosis ends up with haploid products, ready to fuel the cycle of sexual reproduction. On the way to losing half the nuclear content in a manner optimal for evolution, meiosis has accumulated a number of astounding tricks. The meiosis field tries to reveal the mechanisms behind those stunts, which will be addressed in this conference in a variety of organisms from yeast, plant and animal models to humans. The topics will include establishment of cohesion, The topics creation and repair of DNA double-strand breaks, formation of cross-overs, movement of chromosomes during the tumultuous stages of meiotic prophase, spindle assembly, kinetochore attachment, error-correction mechanisms, and consequences on fertility and aneuploidy. We chose biophysics and modeling of meiosis as a special focus for the 2017 meeting, because it has potential to further vitalize and reshape an already vibrant field by bringing in new ideas and fermenting more interdisciplinary research. This focus will be embedded in a general framework of important meiotic topics. Various options are available for exhibition and advertising in the ample exhibition space, immediately adjacent to the lecture and poster area. Information for exhibitors is attached. In case you find it interesting to join us at the conference, please fill in and send the attached registration form. For any further question concerning the exhibition and sponsoring, please contact the conference secretariat. Please note that the exhibition place is limited and will be attributed on a first come, first served basis. If you do not see the perfect opportunity listed below, please contact avidos@irb.hr for a tailor made sponsorship package that meets your marketing requirements.

On a behalf of the organizer and co-organizers,
Yours sincerely,
prof. dr. Iva Tolić, main organizer


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