Hrvatsko-slovenski Seminar za analizu...

6. sastanak hrvatsko-slovenskog Seminara za analizu i algebru Alpe-Jadran održat će se u subotu 25. studenog 2023., na Fakultetu za matematiku i fiziku u Ljubljani, prema sljedećem rasporedu:

  • 10:00–10:45 Daniel Smertnig: Noncommutative noetherian prime rings with bounded factorizations

Abstract: A prime ring $R$ is a bounded factorization (BF) domain if for every non-zero-divisor $a$ of $R$, there exists $l(a) \in \mathbb N_0$ such every factorization of $a$ into atoms (irreducible elements) has length at most $l(a)$. Commutative noetherian domains are easily seen to be BF-domains, but the proofs involve prime ideals or localizations. In a noncommutative noetherian prime ring every non-zero-divisor still factors into a product of atoms. However, it is open whether such a prime ring has BF. We present some recent sufficient conditions. This is joint work with J. Bell, K. Brown, and Z. Nazemian.

  • 10:50–11:35  Marcela Hanzer: On theta correspondence

Abstract:  We give an overview of theta correspondence, from the classical theta functions to the modern approach as a tool for relating representations on different groups. We comment on the interplay of theta correspondence  with other ingredients of the Langlands programme.

  • 12:00–12:45   Nik Stopar: Jordan product preserving maps on simple Jordan algebras

Abstract: here.

  • 12:50–13:35  Boris Muha: Weak solutions in fluid-structure interactions: Cauchy and periodic problems

Abstract: here.

Autor: Božidar Tartaro
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