Starting year Project title Leader Financial support Status 
2021. Algorithmic Constructions of Combinatorial Objects Vedran Krčadinac HRZZ execution
2018. Microlocal defect tools in partial differential equations Nenad Antonić HRZZ execution
2018. Efficient algorithms for robust discrete optimization Robert Manger HRZZ execution
2018. Anisotropic distributions and H-distributions Nenad Antonić MZO execution
2016. Microlocal analysis, partial differential equations and applications to heterogeneous materials Nenad Antonić MZOS completed
2015. Geometric, ergodic and topological analysis of low-dimensional dynamical
Siniša Slijepčević HRZZ execution
2015. Matrix Factorizations and Block Diagonalization Algorithms Vjeran Hari HRZZ execution
2015. Multiscale methods and calculus of variations Nenad Antonić MZOS execution
2014. Weak convergence methods and applications Nenad Antonić HRZZ completed
2014. Dirac operators and representation theory Pavle Pandžić HRZZ execution
2014. Algebraic and combinatorial methods in vertex algebra theory Dražen Adamović HRZZ execution
2014. Stochastic Methods in Analytical and Applied Problems Zoran Vondraček HRZZ execution
2014. Automorphic forms, representations, and applications Goran Muić HRZZ execution
2014. Diophantine m-tuples, elliptic curves, Thue and index form equations Andrej Dujella HRZZ execution
2014. Mathematical modeling and numerical simulations of processes in thin or porous domains Eduard Marušić-Paloka HRZZ execution
2014. Mathematical modelling, analysis and computing with applications to complex mechanical systems Zlatko Drmač HRZZ execution
2014. Investigation of Auxiliary Subspace Techniques as a General Tool for
A Posteriori Error Estimation
Luka Grubišić MZOS execution
2014. Strange Attractors and Inverse Limit Spaces Sonja Štimac MZOS execution
2014. A stochastic model of eye lens growth with implications for cortical cataract formation Hrvoje Šikić FP7 execution
2014. Dynamics of Henon and Lozi Maps Sonja Štimac NEWFELPRO execution
2014. Micro-local defect functionals and applications Darko Mitrović
Nenad Antonić
NEWFELPRO completed
2013. Scale-uniform controllability of partial differential equations with localized control Ivica Nakić MZOS execution
2013. Polynomial root separation Andrej Dujella MZOS completed
2013. Representation theory, Dirac operators and noncommutative geometry Pavle Pandžić MZOS execution
2011. Mathematical modelling of water flow in unsaturated ground: Mathematical aspects and numerical simulation software Mladen Jurak AUF completed
2011. Methods of functional analyis in mathematical modelling Marko
MZOS completed
2010. Algebraic methods in mathematical physics Dražen Adamović MZOS completed
2010. Stochastic analysis of processes with jumps Zoran Vondraček MZOS completed
2010. Foundation of shape theory Sibe Mardešić MZOS completed
2010. Modelling, analysis and numerical simulations of multi-phase fluid flow through heterogeneous porous media Mladen Jurak MZOS completed
2010. Dirac cohomology, supersymmetry and non-commutative geometry Pavle Pandžić MZOS completed
2010. Arithmetic‐Combinatorial problems and applications Andrej Dujella MZOS completed
2009. Number Theory and Cryptography Andrej Dujella MZOS completed
2009. Diophantine approximations Andrej Dujella MZOS completed
2008. Mathematical modelling of geophysical phenomena Marko Vrdoljak MZOS completed
2008. Representations of semisimple Lie groups: K-types, duals,  C*-algebras Hrvoje Kraljević MZOS completed
2007. Discrete mathematics and applications Dragutin Svrtan MZOS completed
2007. Frobenius geometry Mladen Vuković MZOS completed
2007. Enveloping algebras of Lie algebras and their modules Boris Širola MZOS completed
2007. Diophantine equations and elliptic curves Andrej Dujella MZOS completed
2007. Spectral decompositions - numerical methods and applications Zlatko Drmač MZOS completed
2007. Block diagonalization methods Vjeran Hari MZOS completed
2007. Mapinngs on modules over rings, abstract and operator algebras Dijana Ilišević MZOS completed
2007. Non-associative algebraic structures and their applications Vladimir Volenec MZOS completed
2007. Oscillatory solutions of partial differential equations Nenad Antonić MZOS completed
2007. Asymptotic methods in continuum mechanics Eduard Marušić-Paloka MZOS completed
2007. Analysis and probability Hrvoje Šikić MZOS completed
2007. Random processes with jumps Zoran Vondraček MZOS completed
2007. Dimension and shape theory Sibe Mardešić MZOS completed
2007. Ergodic properties of extended dynamical systems Siniša Slijepčević MZOS completed
2007. Unitary representations of classical groups and automorphic forms Marko Tadić MZOS completed
2007. Vertex operator algebras and infinite-dimensional Lie algebras Mirko Primc MZOS completed
2007. Homological and geometric methods in representation theory Pavle Pandžić MZOS completed
2007. Mathematical analysis of composite and thin structures Zvonimir Tutek MZOS completed
2007. Deterministic and probabilistic models in biology Miljenko Marušić MZOS completed
2007. Modern mathematics teaching methods in the compulsory education in Croatia Sanja Varošanec MZOS completed
2007. Numerical methods in geophysical models Mladen Rogina/Saša Singer MZOS completed
2007. Mathematical foundations of natural and social insights Franka Miriam Brückler MZOS completed
2007. Distributed algorithms for finding optimal paths in graphs Robert Manger MZOS completed
2007. Mathematical modelling of multicriteria decision problems Lavoslav Čaklović MZOS completed
2007. Hilbert C*-modules Boris Guljaš MZOS completed
2007. Numerical modelling of fluid flow through porous media Mladen Jurak MZOS completed
2007. Statistical analysis of random models and applications Miljenko Huzak MZOS completed
2007. Orthonormal wavelets and generalized multiresolution analyses Damir Bakić MZOS completed